PCT Injury Trends: The First 800 Miles


This ebook covers what to expect in the first 800 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail in depth—where the majority of hike-ending injuries occur—to help prevent injuries to keep you on the trail and trekking towards your goal of a successful thru hike.


Dr. Morgan is a PCT thru hiker and a Physio who follows the PCT. In the 2022 season she noticed consistent trends with injuries at various mile markers. These trends were more specific than “everyone gets tendonitis early on” and more along the lines of everyone has the same injury after the long descend from Baden Powell or the side sloped trail into Julian. In an effort to make some of these more preventable she kept track of the trends and some things hikers can do to avoid these injuries in each section. She will be available again along trail in 2023 for anyone who does sustain and injury, but her overall goal is to reduce the incidence of injuries and help hikers keep going.


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