Northern Terminus


Northern terminus of the PCT.


Northern terminus of the PCT. Available to anyone, but a special message to 2022 hikers: With so many obstacles on a good year to hike the PCT, this year’s class faced a really tough wildfire season. It was heartbreaking to see so many people overcome so much adversity and not get the finishing moment they deserved. I hope this sticker serves as a small tribute to the terminus, but more so a reminder that your hike was valid, you are a thru hiker whether you touch that wooden statue or not, and no PCT experience is exactly the same. Congrats on your accomplishment no matter how far you walked, and I hope the trail has “ruined” you in all the best ways. If you weren’t able to tag the terminus due to fires use the code “blaze” for one free northern terminus sticker. *shipping $1*


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