Podcast Guest Appearance: WTF: Walking Towards Fear Podcast – Morgan Brosnihan (Blaze Physio)

By: Dr. Morgan Brosnihan, PT, DPT

Episode Description:

Not all heroes live in luxury. Some live in vans. And Morgan IS a hero. She started by saving herself from a life of discontent by literally creating a job that hasn’t existed before her imagination and creativity took over. And now she saves hikers from having to quit their thru-hikes along some of the longest walking trails in the world. Morgan’s perspective on all things life and business are insightful, playful, and practical. She’s a total trail blazer, blazing her own path to a world that she’s chosen and it was a pleasure getting to learn from her in this episode. Whether you’re a physical therapist, an aspiring thru-hiker, or just a human with big dreams….THIS is an episode for you.

About the show:

It started with a choice to leave it all behind and hike 2650 miles from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail. Now it’s a lifestyle.

This podcast is my commitment to learn from everyone around me, be curious instead of judgmental, and adventure in the direction of whatever scares me the most.

Connect with me over on IG @christinaspin and meet the guests @walkingtowardsfear

About the Author

Dr. Morgan Brosnihan, PT, DPT is a licensed Physical Therapist and a thru hiker with a passion for helping others overcome physical and mental barriers to do the activities they love.

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