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Podcast Guest Appearance: Papa Bear Hikes – How You Can Receive Professional Injury and Recovery Services on Your Thru Hike

October 13, 2022|

Description: Dr. Morgan Brosnihan, PT, DP. Dr. Brosnihan joints Martin on the Papa Bear Hikes podcast and shares how she brings professional injury and recovery services to PCT and AZT hikers via Blaze Physio. Blaze Physio is a thru hiker owned mobile/telehealth rehab moving along the trail for PCT hikers. [...]

Podcast Guest Appearance: The John Freakin’ Muir Pod – Some Steps Are Questionable

August 15, 2022|

Description: Dr. Morgan "Blaze" Brosnihan drops into the studio for a great chat with Doc.  During their discussion, the two dive into some deep rabbit holes, including some talk about Bridge Troll, nuns, van life, listening when the universe speaks to you, sucking on pebbles, finding adventure soulmates, the Golden Throne, and the [...]

The First Three Months of Helping PCT Hikers

June 29, 2022|

After leaving Maryland with some fresh van renovations Honey and I stopped at my brother’s house in WV to see my little nephews. After having an inaugural four wheeler ride around the neighborhood with my 8 year nephew, and walking around the woods I was hinting that it might be time for me to [...]

Blaze Physio: How it all began

February 17, 2021|

Hello! I’m glad you’re here. This is the first of what will be many Blaze Physio articles. You can expect a mix of physical therapy-related education, stories from the PCT, pictures of our therapy dog Honey, and inspiring stories of everyday people doing amazing things. In the first article, I’m starting at the beginning with [...]


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